Warning: functionname() expects parameter X to be a type given

Warning: functionname() expects parameter ,mysql_fetch_assoc,php problems

Warning: functionname() expects parameter X to be a type
 Calling a function (most commonly a database function such as [FPHP]mysql_fetch_assoc[/FPHP]) results in warning error.

Cause: Input of unexpected type.


(PHP 4> = 4.0.3, PHP 5)

mysql_fetch_assoc - Get a MySQL result line from an associative array
mysql_fetch_assoc (resource $ result): array

mysql_fetch_assoc () returns an associative array which contains the line read in the result result and moves the internal data pointer. mysql_fetch_assoc () is equivalent to calling the mysql_fetch_array () function with MYSQL_ASSOC as the second parameter. This function only returns an associative array.

If this is a database function, check the solution listed in #3. Your previous database function is returning FALSE, which indicates a problem in that function.
If it’s not a database function, check the input you are giving to the function for it’s type. [FPHP]var_dump[/FPHP] the variable if necessary, as it will display the type.

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