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Creating a Database

Before doing anything with the information we should need to make a database first. We're expecting that you as of now have a MySQL, or SQL Server accessible for your utilization, just as you've all the fundamental benefits, if not please look at the beginning aide. 

The SQL CREATE DATABASE explanation is utilized to make a database. 


The  syntax for creating a database in Mysql :
CREATE DATABASE database_name;
The following SQL statement creates a database named demo:

CREATE DATABASE makes a database with the given name. To utilize this announcement, you need the CREATE benefit for the database. Make SCHEMA is an equivalent for CREATE DATABASE. 

A mistake happens if the database exists and you didn't determine IF NOT EXISTS. 

CREATE  DATABASE isn't allowed inside a meeting that has a functioning LOCK TABLES explanation.

the USE demo; command sets the demo as target database demo for all future instrictions or commandes.

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